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Over the past year, I have worked closely with Peterhouse and the organ builders at Flentrop and Klais to produce a pencil artwork of the newly restored Peterhouse organ. The main drawing shows the façade of the organ, with the four soundboards illustrated in plan below.  All pipes are to scale, with historic pipes distinguished from modern additions by shading.  The names of all donors, and the pipes they have sponsored, will be handwritten as a list to accompany the main drawing.


To celebrate the inauguration of the organ in January 2024, I will be releasing a limited edition of 150 hand-signed giclée prints of my pencil drawing of the organ. Each print will measure 26 x 43cm, and will be printed on heavyweight 310gsm Pinnacle Etching paper. It will then be individually hand-signed and numbered by the artist, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and Peterhouse coloured ribbon, and presented in a gift box alongside the list of donors and a certificate of authenticity.


Prints will be released in January 2024 but are available to pre-order now.

Peterhouse Organ, Cambridge

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